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THe Shared Journey

Book clubs involve 2 of my favorite things - reading and great discussions with friends! What makes that even better? Diving deep in inspired and inspiring spiritual growth books, to explore and expand our soul’s path in the sacred space of a small group of like-minded women.  

Each stand-alone book group session will take 4 consecutive weeks. For each session, we'll read, discuss, and have a lively conversation on specific chapters of the book. At the online weekly gatherings, we'll discuss the book with an eye toward relating the information we read to real-life situations. By the end of 4-weeks you'll not only have gained a new perspective from the book - you'll also have some new ways of seeing your life through a new lens.


The book choices for upcoming sessions are listed here.


The Untethered Soul

by Michael Singer

My taste in spiritual books leans toward the easier to understand sort. There’s a place for lofty, esoteric philosophy, but when my goal is to deepen my understanding of Life, the Universe and my part in it, plainly written wins the day in my book. When I read The Untethered Soul, I felt as if Michael Singer was having a conversation with me. There is no guessing what he means or pondering unclear passages. He gets to the root of how and why we complicate our lives and teaches us how to release those ingrained habits. 



8:00 - 9:15pm EST

September 3 - September 24


“Diane’s genuine spirit transcends all she encounters. She is so knowledgeable and shares her gifts with anyone who is ready and open to learning. My way of thinking is completely different. I have a new mindset. It now comes from a centered place of peace and joy!

Thank you Diane, you have been a Godsend!”

- Elli M., Coaching Client

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