The Voice in Your Head

Can you hear it? Can you hear the voice in your head? Author Michael Singer calls it your “inner roommate.” You know, that incessant narrative in your mind that seldom shuts up and seems to be determined to stir you up. The voice that reminds you at 2:17am that you forgot to run by the cleaners and respond to that email as you promised.

That voice is most often the voice of the ego; the fear-based part of yourself that is intent on wanting, but not having; on striving but never reaching; focusing on the past or future, but never now, this moment. 

Can you tune into that voice and simply observe what it is saying? If you can withdraw from that ever-churning mind and listen to the mostly negative and scary messages, you have taken a huge step toward peace, centeredness, and dare I say enlightenment? 

Here’s the thing: Our minds are busy things. Always thinking thinking thinking, and while we can absolutely experience some moments of inspiration and clarity and accomplish a great deal, when left to its own devices the voice of our ego uses fear to draw us in - enlisting our imaginations to work against us, not for us. 

This is a fun experiment to try - take that ever-chattering voice out of your head and put it in a radio; a good old fashioned sitting on the kitchen counter am/fm radio. Can you imagine tuning into that station? The station where the broadcaster is telling you that you look fat in those pants and good heavens let’s pray this new wrinkle cream works and you’re too tired to get through this day and why are these awful things happening to you? If you could, wouldn’t you change that dial? Wouldn’t you spin that indicator wheel so fast to get off of the horrible channel? You Can. 

There is an enormous shift in power that takes place when we observe, rather than identify with that voice. We cease being the fearful egoic messages and become the presence that is merely observing them. We don’t have to believe them and even better, we can consciously choose other, more pleasant thoughts. It is within our power to do so. 

This week, turn your attention to your thoughts. At several points through the day simply ask yourself, "What am I thinking?" That intention alone will go a long way to help you recognize that fearful voice is not who you are. Just listen, then change the station, or maybe just turn off the radio and just BE.

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